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Hiding in my tower


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bibliophilejournal and I are watching Thursday night tv together over FaceTime. It’s kind of awesome.

She fails to mention I’m a mess and she’s gorgeous

We are just going to ride off into the Texas sunset.

That one time when you blushed for ten minutes

“ The fact is, you are not free because your country has been taken over and occupied by another government. Fully 70% of your tax dollars go to the Pentagon, and the Pentagon is the real government of the United States. You are required under pain of death to pay taxes to this occupying government. If you’re from the less fortunate classes, you are also required to serve and die in their endless wars, or send your sons and daughters to do so. You have no choice in the matter: there is a socioeconomic draft system in the United States that provides a steady stream of cannon fodder for the military. If you call a life of surveillance, anxiety and ceaseless toil in the service of a government you didn’t elect “freedom,” then you and I have a very different idea of what that word means. ”

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